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Junctions By: Carriers Creek


If you are a sucker for some weird noise made by people then ‘Carriers Creek’ is a rabbit hole from Gold Coast, Australia that you’ll want to be down. Best described as a psychedelic-pop outlet for creating that classic analog gut feeling from spiralling guitars to warping synth lines.


It is told that Seb Garfield is the only current member behind the sounds of Carriers Creek and all released music so far has been crafted inside his bedroom. Spending his earlier years growing up on the Gold Coast, wanting something to do he began playing music with the other members from the psych-pop project ’EchoWave’ that Garfield is presently a guitarist for. After many years of toying around with musical creation Garfield decides to release some of his own material, when listening it becomes quite obvious as to what the backbone influences are but Garfield states the works of English group ‘Broadcast’ are a goto for inspiration.


‘Junctions’ the newest single from the Australian based psych-pop outfit Carriers Creek featuring mellow flutes, raunchy guitars, skip-a-long basslines and spiralling drums all wrapped up into a cocoon of fluttery vocals. This track creates hints towards nostalgia with its swirling progressions and lofi’esc production techniques making it a perfect addition to any psych-pop/rock enthusiasts musical rotation.

Lyrically, ‘Junctions’ mocks at the expected standards which our modern day society continues to normalise and how some simply don’t relate to this way of living. With the release of the single ‘Tumbleweed’ earlier this year Carriers Creek has taken a different approach to it’s sound with the latest single harnessing a much more euphoric feeling in songwriting.

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